Raise Craze



Raise Craze is a fabulous new approach to school fundraising that’s rooted in community service and acts of kindness. It is going to completely change the way you look at fundraising for our school! Students ask supporters for donations and, as a way of thanking their donors, pay it forward by helping our community. Students will be challenged to complete at least 5 acts of service during the two-week Raise Craze campaign and encouraged to reach out to family and friends for contributions. Students may choose to complete service acts on their own, or to participate in several service events organized by the PTA. Fall Family Night will also include multiple "service stations" that encourage the entire family to get involved in giving back to our community.


When we brought Boosterthon to South Carolina in 2010, we were thrilled to have finally found an alternative to chocolate bars and wrapping paper! Thanks to the success of Boosterthon at ACE, more than 25 schools in the Greenville area alone participated in Boosterthon last year! Now, Augusta Circle is doing what it does best – leading from the front. We are convinced that Raise Craze is the next BIG THING and we’re excited to introduce it to all of you! ACE is perfectly suited to be the first elementary school to participate in Raise Craze! We are not only going to raise much-needed funds (and keep 80% of the donations instead of only half!), but also build character among our students and make a lasting impact on our community.


Friday, September 22 – Raise Craze Kickoff Pep Rally (1:30 pm)

Tuesday, September 26 – Fall Family Night and Service Expo (5:30 pm—7:00 pm)

Wednesday, October 6 – Raise Craze Service Celebration (1:30 pm)


Check back to download the information packet that will be sent home with students and see different ideas for your child's Acts of Service.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Allison Ellis at dazzle.ellis@gmail.com!