Red Ribbon Week:  Oct. 23 - Oct. 27, 2017


Red Ribbon Week is dedicated to educating your child about drug awareness.  We all know choices are a crucial part of every child’s life, and the choice to stay “drug free” may be one of the most important your child will make.  Each day will feature a different message, highlighting the importance of choosing to live drug free. 

We had a successful Red Ribbon Week! Thank you all who participated! The poster winners this year are:


K5 - 2nd grade:
1st - Cam Lawrence
2nd - Emi Reese Hand
3rd - John Cheatham

3rd - 5th:
1st - Sophie Gwaltney
2nd - Ellison Peace
3rd - Jillian Kilburn

 Questions? Please contact Nancy Theodore at and Meredith Gowens at!