School Improvement Councils


School Improvement Councils (SICs) are school advisory committees required by law in every South Carolina school. SICs purpose is to ensure that parents and community members have an influential role in the education of children.

The Augusta Circle SIC is an active participant in the education accountability process, helping our administration plan, evaluate and set policy. Our council is comprised of fourteen appointed and elected representatives, and includes teachers, community representatives and parents. Members serve a two-year term and meet monthly during lunch.

The current area of focus for the SIC is to facilitate partnerships between home, school, and community to increase student achievement and bolster parents' capacity to improve their child's learning, especially vulnerable students that will now and soon attend Augusta Circle Elementary School.

There are many opportunities available for anyone wishing to become involved in school improvement. Over the coming year, the SIC would welcome individuals with skills and experience related to early childhood education, adult learning, outreach, community activism or government. Meetings are held monthly and are open to the public.

For more information or to get involved, please contact SIC Chair Lauren Price ( or Principal Kerry Bannister (